How to Fight Employee Burnout

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Recent employment trends have led employers to grapple with a multitude of new issues and concerns. Whether it is the changing workplace preferences such as work-from-home or hybrid workplaces, an increasingly competitive hiring environment or even the multitude of challenges emerging as a result of inflation, employers are facing an increasingly challenging environment to operate in.

This has had a notable impact on small business owners and senior leadership. A recent survey from Deloitte Canada and Lifeworks found that nearly 82% of senior leaders have reported feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Among the top stressors were increased volume of workload compared to pre-pandemic levels, ensuring that their teams have the support they need and performance demands. It is no wonder then that nearly half of senior leaders report wanting to leave their position with even more considering downshifting their roles.

While leaders have certainly had a challenging go of things recently, employees across the country have also been battling with burnout and exhaustion. Recent reports have found that 83% of Canadians are dealing with burnout, with nearly 2/3 feeling so burnt out in their position that they are considering leaving their position, with 21% actively looking to change roles.

More than ever, it is important that you take steps to address burnout amongst your team and ensure that they are their healthiest, happiest and most productive selves.

How Can I fight Burnout In My Team?

Unsurprisingly some of the best ways to fight burnout are to simply make sure your team has the supports they need. According to the recent Ceridian survey nearly half of those considering leaving their current position are looking for more from their employers. They want more flexibility and more competitive compensation and benefits.

In recent years the benefits Canadians are looking for has changed. While in the past a traditional health plan was popular, today employees are looking for flexible benefits that fit their and their family’s needs. A recent survey by Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) found that the three most popular benefits today were often left out of traditional workplace benefits plans. These benefits include mental health benefits, Healthcare Spending Accounts and option extended coverage.

With a BeniPlus Wallet you can provide your team with all three of these important and sought after benefits. Our system allows employers to choose from our eligible categories of Healthcare Spending Accounts (HSAs), Wellness Spending Accounts, Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), Personal Insurance and Charitable Giving.

Once the employer determines the amount of benefits they would like to offer th1eir team members, employees are then able to completely customize their benefits to fit their needs.

For more information about how a BeniPlus Wallet can help your team fight burnout, get a quote today

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