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Flexible Spending Accounts:

A flexible spending account is a benefits account that allows small businesses to offer benefits to their employees.

Traditional plans are too expensive and with the BeniPlus Flexible Spending Account, companies have a great opportunity to maintain a benefits plan while saving money and conserving cash

Studies show that happier employees are more productive which also benefits the bottom line.

Our benefits programs are:

What They Are and Why They’re Essential for Small Business Benefits Programs

Simple - Sign up and onboard your employees in less than 10 minutes, without complex paperwork

Flexible - Preselect the benefits your employees have access to to maximize your coverage

Affordable - No monthly premiums or surprise rate increases, and you only pay when claims are submitted. 

How Does the FSA Work? 

The BeniPlus Benefit Wallet is not typical insurance, but a Flexible Spending Account. The company chooses the types of benefits and the maximum amount employees can claim each year. Once that's done, your employees get to claim the benefits that suits them best. We help you to reimburse them as they make claims.

Coverage options include:

Healthcare Spending Accounts

Coverage for routine medical costs, such as medications, glasses, massages and physiotherapy. 

Wellness Spending Accounts

Improve employee wellness through coverage for non-medical expenses such as gym memberships.

Personal Insurance

Coverage for travel insurance, long-term disability, critical illness insurance and health and dental plans.

Retirement Savings

Help your employees boost their financial stability through contributions to their RRSPs.

Charitable Giving

Our collaboration with CanadaHelps allows your employees to give to over 18,000 registered Canadian charities.

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