How the Benefit Wallet Helps Small Business Owners and Employees Save Time

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Small business owners tell us they’ve put off implementing employee benefits plans because the process of getting benefits is complicated and they’re just too busy to wade through heaps of paperwork and legalese. Fortunately, the easiest way small business owners can save time rolling out an employee benefits program is refreshingly simple: pick the right partner! Today we’ll explore what questions to ask when searching for the right employee benefits provider and how we help our clients save time on benefits.

Questions to ask when searching for the right benefits provider

Finding the right benefits provider starts with asking the right questions. Uncover your small business needs by asking these seven questions:

  1. Is a traditional benefit plan right for our small business?
  2. How important is flexibility in our benefits program?
  3. How important is simplicity in our benefits program?
  4. How important is affordability in our benefits program?
  5. How much time do I have to administer a benefits program?
  6. What do I value most in a benefits program?
  7. What do my employees value most in a benefits program?

After you’ve uncovered what you and your employees need and want in your employee benefits program, it’s easier to find the right benefits provider. You simply find a partner who cares about and delivers what’s most important to you.

At BeniPlus, we created a simple, flexible and affordable benefits plan that makes employee benefits quick and easy for small business owners. (For more information about the importance of flexibility, read our article Flexibility is Trending in Benefits Plans).

How the Benefit Wallet helps small business owners and employees save time on benefits

The Benefit Wallet is a flexible spending account for employee benefits (and it’s a way for business owners who work in the business to have benefits too).

With the Benefit Wallet, small business owners save time because:

  • It only takes 10 mins to sign up – Registering only takes a few minutes and there are no hoops to jump through or stacks of paperwork to complete.
  • Onboarding employees is fast – You take another 10 minutes to provide us with a list of your employees and their emails – and we take care of the rest.
  • There’s no set enrollment period – Unlike with traditional benefits where there’s typically an annual enrollment period, you can onboard employees any time rather than rolling out a big campaign every year.
  • Administering the benefits program is simple – If you did it by yourself, you’d need to administer each claim which includes verifying each receipt is legitimate, making sure the employee still has money left in the Benefit Wallet and transferring the money from your corporate bank account into theirs. We do all this for you so you can use your time on what you do best.

With the Benefit Wallet, employees save time because:

  • The onboarding process is fast – Once employees have their Benefit Wallet, they only need to take a few minutes to allocate their benefit dollars to available options (for example, a healthcare spending account or wellness spending account).
  • It only takes a few minutes to make a claim – Long forms are a thing of the past! To make a claim, employees simply upload a picture of the receipt and fill out three fields: the claim amount, the expense type and the receipt date.

If you don’t want to spend time administering benefits and you don’t want your employees filling in forms when they could be working, you’d definitely love working with BeniPlus!

Take 10 minutes today to get a quote for our simple, flexible and affordable employee benefits program.

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