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Sanofi Canada has just published its annual Healthcare Survey, and the numbers clearly show: employees want, need and truly value having a good benefit plan at work. It’s a fascinating survey that has implications not only for larger companies, but also for small businesses looking to hire and retain the best employees. Let us show you a few stats that bear that out.

Here’s a big one to begin with: Among employees surveyed who consider themselves satisfied with their jobs, 87% rate the quality of their workplace benefits plans as excellent or very good. What’s more, there is an 85% satisfaction rate for staff members who view their workplace as having a positive wellness culture, vs. just 62% for those who do not.

What’s more, the survey shows that today’s employees have different expectations than those of previous generations. Specifically, millennial-age and younger employees tend to feel more rewarded by things like gym memberships and other proactive wellness-oriented benefits—all of which points to the need for more flexibility in benefits plans (which, as it happens, is exactly what BeniPlus offers small businesses like yours).

Again, the numbers to back that up: Among employees who consider their benefit plan to be excellent/very good, 61% have a Healthcare Spending Account (HSA)—i.e., a plan that offers employees the flexibility to spend their annual allotment exactly as they want, like the BeniPlus Benefit Wallet. For those who do not have access to an HSA, the satisfaction number drops to 50%.

We could go on, but perhaps the best place to land is on this very telling stat: For employees who are currently on a plan, 76% would not take a job at a company that didn’t offer them access to benefits. It’s a huge percentage, and one that we think speaks volumes to the advantages of getting a simple, flexible and affordable BeniPlus benefits plan in place for your small business.

Want to learn more? You can view the full 2019 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey here. Or better yet, why not contact BeniPlus now to get a quote—and let us show how quickly and easily you can get a benefits plan up and running for your valued employees.

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