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About Us

At BeniPlus we’re all about digital evolution. We’re a tech-savvy solution dedicated to promoting your team’s health, wellness, and financial well-being. We’re not your grandfather’s benefits company – we’re a fully digital solution that leverages the best technology and strong industry knowledge to provide small businesses the benefits they need.

In a world where cookie-cutter solutions just won’t cut it, we get you. Small businesses face unique challenges, and we’re here to help you. With our platform, you get a tailor-made benefits plan that can fit any budget or headcount. You call the shots and choose the benefits and budget that works for business. Tech-wise, we also have you sorted. Our user-friendly platform lets your team manage their benefits effortlessly. 

At BeniPlus, we’re not just a company, we’re your partners on a mission. We believe in a future where every small business has access to the resources they need to enrich their lives. Happiness, vitality, and financial well-being are the beats we march to.  We’re revolutionizing benefits, making health, wellness, and financial security the new norm. 

So, let’s do this together. Join our movement to reshape how small businesses support health and wellness. Let’s bridge the gap, amplify well-being, and write a new chapter for small businesses everywhere.

Johann Reandino


With a passion for small businesses and employee well-being, Johann blends innovation with a commitment to health, wellness, and financial security. His aim to disrupt the benefits industry and improve the health of small businesses, shapes his leadership. As a wellness advocate, Johann kicks off each day with a cold plunge and is a strong proponent of breathwork. Johann’s holistic approach to our vision drives our mission.

Stephen DeKuyper

Co-Founder and President

As a Co-Founder and COO at BeniPlus, Stephen merges operational expertise with an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep understanding of the benefits landscape. Committed to enhancing health and wellness for all small businesses and their teams, Stephen shapes a thriving client experience. As a dedicated fisherman, Stephen likes to take some time lakeside to relax and improve his well-being.

Scott Beckett


With 36 years of insurance expertise, Scott, is a trailblazing insurance marketing specialist. As a founding partner of a national firm, Scott elevates group benefits, estate planning and the pursuit of health and wellness. He is a revered author and speaker, whose insights continue to enrich the industry. Scott is an avid gym enthusiast, who firmly believes in supporting health and wellness for everyone.

Robert Kearns


Robert Kearns is the President of Kearns Insurance Corporation and Kearns Investment Corporation. Hailing from Dublin, Robert’s move to Canada ignited a passion for enriching health, wellness, and financial well-being, propelling our company’s mission.

Alvin Phun

Director of Growth

Alvin is a tech enthusiast and thrives on fusing innovation with creativity. His mission at BeniPlus is to make affordable employee benefits a reality for small businesses and fuel their success. Alvin is a firm believer in nurturing his own well-being with early morning workouts and meditation, embodying the health and wellness ethos he champions.

Nicole Dougherty

Marketing Manager

Nicole harmonizes digital branding, content strategy and social media magic, while championing health and wellness. A tech enthusiast and team player, Nicole blends these passions, crafting an innovative journey for our company. As a dedicated Yogi, Nicole believes in empowering people through health and wellness.