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(Toronto, ON, August 21, 2019) BeniPlus Inc., a provider of simple, flexible and affordable group benefits to small businesses throughout Canada, announced today that they have entered into a partnership agreement with Tia Health to offer virtual medical services to all of their new and existing clients.

“We believe virtual healthcare is going to become much more common in the Canadian marketplace.” said Stephen DeKuyper, Co-Founder and President of BeniPlus Inc. “We want our clients to be able to offer this high-value added benefit to their employees and we like the unique model that Tia Health is providing.”

According to David Del Blaso, Co-Founder of Tia Health, “We’re excited to be working alongside a company pushing the boundaries in group benefits. We are completely aligned in bringing the highest quality solutions to companies of any size, which have traditionally been available only to large corporations. BeniPlus is breaking down those barriers with huge value for employees and employers alike.”

About Tia Health: Tia Health is a trusted source of virtual medicine that is changing the way healthcare is provided in Canada. Through the Tia Health platform, employers can provide employees with doctor’s appointments, free prescription delivery, family appointments and much more. Tia Health effectively connects people to the best doctor available based on specific symptoms and medical history. Visit Tia Health at for more information.

About BeniPlus: BeniPlus Inc. offers simple, flexible and affordable group benefits targeted specifically to small businesses anywhere in Canada, using an innovative product mix and the latest cloud based technology. Learn more at


For further information: Stephen DeKuyper, Co-Founder and President, BeniPlus Inc., 240 Richmond St. West, Toronto, ON, Canada M5V 1V6, 1-888-859-3579 x 201 |

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