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(Toronto, Ontario, October 1, 2018) BeniPlus Inc., a company dedicated to simple, flexible and affordable employee benefits, is pleased to announce the launch of their website. BeniPlus started over a year ago and has grown rapidly after receiving significant funding from a private investor in May of 2018.

BeniPlus offers several marketplace innovations including a comprehensive Employee Benefit Wallet. The Benefit Wallet allows employers to load a virtual Benefit Wallet.  The Benefit Wallet can be used by the employees to reimburse healthcare and wellness costs, invest in a group RRSP, or give money to the employee’s favourite charity.  Other innovations include Instant Sign-up with no upfront costs. The ease of Instant Sign-up recognizes the demands on small business owners and their employees, who are looking for simple benefits, the flexibility to customize the plan for individual needs, and affordable administration of their plan and claims.  The BeniPlus Employee Benefit Wallet also takes full advantage of existing tax rules around employee benefits to create the most tax efficient way to establish and manage, the situation of each employer and their employees.  Significant tax savings can be accomplished using the BeniPlus Employee Benefit Wallet.

Additional information about this new, innovative product for small business owners can be found on the newly launched BeniPlus website at

Learn more about the newly launched website by visiting the BeniPlus website or calling the company at 1-888-859-3579.

About BeniPlus

BeniPlus is an innovative insurance brokerage that is empowered by today’s technology and specializes in simple, flexible, and affordable employee (group) benefits for small business owners. All products are tailored to clients’ needs. The company is dedicated to providing the benefits needed, all in less than 10 minutes.

Company: BeniPlus
Address: 1101-67 Yonge St.
City: Toronto
Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Zip Code: M5E 1J8
Phone Number: 1-888-859-3579

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