10 Amazing Health and Wellness Apps Supported by Your BeniPlus Wallet

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Digital health and wellness resources have become an ever more important part of the majority of Canadians’ plans to ensure their health and wellbeing. Even before the pandemic, many Canadians were utilizing health, wellness and exercise apps like Calm, Nike Training Club and Noom on a regular basis.

Today, Canadians are using these apps alongside digital pharmacies, telemedicine, and other resources at an unprecedented rate. Covid has made the telemedicine market in Canada explode. Recent reports have found that the Fitbit app is one of the most used apps amongst Canadian Gen X and Baby Boomers. In fact, a recent study by data.ai found that nearly 35 million health and wellness apps were downloaded by Canadians in 2021.

And why wouldn’t Canadians use these apps? They are typically more affordable, flexible, and convenient for users. Whether it is talking to a doctor, a dietitian or even just relaxing with a great meditation session, these apps allow users to control when, where and how they address their health and wellness priorities.

Unfortunately, these apps and resources have been left out of traditional benefits plans. This has left users to pay for the resources they want and need out of pocket. But with the BeniPlus Wallet you can claim these expenses under either your Wellness Spending Account (WSA) or Healthcare Spending Account (HSA). When using these apps to speak with a registered medical professional, you will be able to claim the cost under your HSA. For other wellness expenses such as exercise subscriptions, diet support, and even meditation and relaxation, you can claim them under your WSA.


What are some of the digital health and wellness resources to get the most out of your BeniPlus Wallet


Figuring out which health and wellness apps are the best fit for your needs can be overwhelming. Below you will find a list of our top 10 favorite health and wellness apps.

Fitness and diet apps continue to be some of the most downloaded apps in the country. Here are 4 of our favourites to help you on fitness journey:

  • Noom Weight
    Noom Weight continues to be one of the most popular diet apps in Canada and is one of the most used health and wellness apps amongst Canadian Millennials. Noom focuses on an individualized psychological approach to dieting. By shining a light on how users think about food and focusing on their individual goals, Noom helps users not only achieve their weight loss goals but keep them.
  • Lift Session
    Lift is a digital fitness and wellbeing platform that provides users with access to on-demand and live fitness sessions. Fitness sessions include live broadcasts with up to 3000 participants, small group training and even 1-on-1 personal training sessions. Lift offers a variety of different fitness categories including yoga, cross-fit, and cardio.Lift also offers live chats with fitness and wellness experts that can tailor your fitness and wellness experience to your individual needs.
  • WW App
    Formerly known as Weight Watchers, the WW App creates individualized points programs designed to fit users’ individual health and fitness goals. Every plan is focused on the individual user and incorporates numerous techniques to help them stay on track including rewards for healthy behavior and unique zero-point food to allow users to continue to eat some of their favorite foods.
  • Peloton App
    Over the past few years, Peloton has become one of the most recognizable health and fitness brands around the world. Their fitness app allows users access to a wide range of exercise programs and classes for any fitness level and discipline. The use of leaderboards in their classes allows members to feel like part of a community and strengthens their motivation to come back day-after-day.


With thousands of mental health and wellbeing apps out there, choosing the right one to fit your needs can be difficult. Below you will find some of our favorite digital mental health resources and their specialties.

  • Mind Beacon
    Mind Beacon is a mental health app that provides Canadians from coast-to-coast with access to flexible, affordable, and effective mental health supports. The app includes multiple forms of support. Mind Beacon’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) programs are specifically tailored to the individuals specific needs and is overseen by a licensed therapist, psychologist or social worker specializing in CBT treatment.With Mind Beacon you also have the option to have personalized live one-on-one therapy with a licensed therapist chosen to meet your specific needs.
  • HeadSpace
    Headspace is a meditation and mindfulness app designed to support users through their mental health journeys. They use science-based meditation and mindfulness techniques to reduce stress, increase focus and improve sleep. With over 70 million from 190 different countries, Headspace is one of the most recognized mindfulness apps in the world.
    ALAViDA is Canada’s leading substance abuse app. With their virtual rehab, users are able to address their addiction problems without detoxing or staying at rehabilitation facilities. It allows users to undergo treatment at home on their own time, which allows them to continue to work and engage with their family and friends. Research has shown that nearly 90% of users reduced their substance usage with almost 8-% of them saying they felt more in control of their substance usage.


Finally, there are some great free apps that can connect you with health and wellness resources covered by your BeniPlus Wallets.

  • PC Health
    The PC Health app is designed to pair individuals with the health and wellness services they need. Unlike the apps above, the PC Health app is not only a digital health resource. The app also works with Maple to offer you digital health appointments with licensed medical professionals. Likewise, they have partnered with Lifemark to connect users with local physiotherapists and massage therapists for in person care. The app also incorporates a rewards program for fulfilling digital health programs. Fulfilling health and wellness goals on the app is rewarded with PC Optimum points.
  • Lumino
    Lumino is one of the largest databases of healthcare providers in Canada. It allows users to look up providers of the care they need and book appointments in the app for in person or virtual care services. Whether you are looking for a dentist, social worker, or even a massage therapist, Lumino is a great resource.
  • Telus Health
    Telus MyCare allows users to book appointments with doctors on their schedule and speak with them digitally. Through the apps the doctors can prescribe your medication and can even set up delivery of those medications to your home through the Telus Digital Pharmacy. Users can choose the doctor they want to see based on their biographies or past experiences or can choose to take the most convenient time with the next available doctor.  Users can also book appointments with mental health counselors or other specialists including dietitians.Telus health is free to residents of British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. Patients without provincial health coverage are subject to fees for consultations.


These are just a few of the many health and wellness apps that are available on the market and that are supported by your BeniPlus Wallet.

For more information about the BeniPlus Wallet and how we provide small businesses and their teams with the simple, flexible and affordable benefits they need, get a quote today!

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